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Do your short-term objectives include cash-flow improvement, simplified payment transaction processing, reduced transaction fees, enhanced data security, and improving your standing with your customers relating to how you process their payments?

Whether your goals are driven by financial interests, quality management, or the competition, we work hard to understand you and your business and how your unique objectives relate to a positive effect on your bottom line. This requires an understanding on our part of how changes to your processes and procedures impact your organization and who will be affected. It involves knowing who among your staff will sponsor and support your change program and the inherent risks involved in changing the ways in which you conduct business. It means understanding potential and actual resistance to change within your organization and the importance of involving people in setting improvement goals.

Knowing that relationships based on professionalism, trust, cooperation, and effective change management strategies are critical to the successful implementation of your program objectives, we listen and learn, then evaluate opportunities for improvement based on the latest technological advances within the payments industry, advising you regarding possible approaches and supporting your decisions with professional recommendations based on years of industry experience.

For more information about approaches to assisting you in achieving your goals, please contact us, directly.

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EpicPay is a registered ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Walnut Creek, CA.
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