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Your sales environment

For eCommerce, retail, mobile, business-to-business, mail and telephone order, recurring payments, and wholesale environments, we support your electronic payments requirements with a secure Internet payments gateway and essential tools to support your needs, including fraud prevention techniques such as off-site storage of card-sensitive data.

  • eCommerce: Link the Internet payments gateway directly to your shopping cart to offer on-line payments acceptance from your customers around the world and around the clock.
  • Retail: Integrate electronic payments equipment and software into your retail POS environment, an Internet payments gateway with your web-site shopping cart for on-line payments acceptance, and POS terminals at strategic locations within your retail outlets, to provide comprehensive electronic payments coverage throughout your organization.
  • Mobile: Download the app to your mobile tablets and smartphones and use them to collect payments on the road and in the aisle.
  • Business-to-business: Use a virtual terminal to enter all required data related to your corporate electronic payment transactions, including Level III Enhanced Data when accepting corporate purchase and procurement cards. Upload high-volume batches created directly from your internal systems or one transaction at a time via one or multiple virtual terminals.
  • Mail and telephone orders: Enter data for transactions received by e-mail, snail mail, telephone, and fax using a virtual terminal.
  • Recurring payments: Web-hosting companies, health clubs, and similar businesses use the recurring payments service to schedule ongoing periodic payments.
  • Wholesale: Use mobile credit card services at time of delivery to expedite COD payments, POS software and equipment to support electronic payments in your warehouse outlet environment, and virtual terminals to process back-office invoice payments.

Why automate b2b payments?

When you accept electronic checks and corporate payment cards as payment for invoices, you help the bottom line for both your customers and yourselves by enhancing the quality of your customer relationships, reducing payment transaction fees, improving cash-flow performance, and simplifying financial and accounting processes and procedures.

Enhance the quality of the seller-buyer relationship

Your customers benefit from electronic payments, too, and they increasingly prefer vendors that accept payment of invoices by ACH, electronic checks and payment cards. Accepting electronic payments may in fact earn vendors "preferred provider" status with their prospects and existing customers. Help your customers to:

  • improve cash-flow performance
  • simplify accounts payable procedures, which directly impact the bottom line
  • reduce expenses associated with preparing, mailing, and accounting for paper checks
  • monitor and control corporate expenditures
  • match purchases to payments
  • better manage cash-flow
  • control expenditures

Reduce transaction fees

  • Pay a set premium above interchange for just the card types accepted by your firm.
  • Provide reconciliation data to your customers for their purchases made by corporate purchase and procurement cards and avoid costly interchange assessments.

Improve cash flow

  • Receive funds more quickly with the convenience of electronic payments, as compared with receiving payments made by paper check via the post office.
  • Receive payments according to scheduled, negotiated terms.
  • Make funds available sooner via automated electronic procedures.

Simplify procedures

  • Reduce manual processes required to process paper check payments by accepting electronic check and card payments, saving time and money.
  • Automate reconciliation, settlement, and deposit procedures.
  • Automate interfaces to internal systems.

Available products and services

Simplifying the way payments are transacted has never been easier than using the latest technology for data capture, settlement, and reconciliation. Choose from a range of products and services to support your individual goals and objectives:

  • Internet payment gateway - Capture payments electronically using virtual terminals at your facilities and via the Internet:
    • Virtual terminal - Use your existing computer hardware to access the payment gateway, capture payment data, and receive daily and periodic reports.
    • Shopping cart interface - Accept customer payments world-wide, around the clock, by connecting your corporate web-site with an Internet payment gateway.
  • Electronic funds transfers - Replace cumbersome and costly paper check processing and storage with ACH and electronic check invoice payments.
  • Fraud prevention - Reduce the incidence of chargebacks by reviewing, accepting, and declining transactions before and after authorization.
  • B2B payment card acceptance - Accelerate cash flow and enhance your 'preferred provider' status with your customers by accepting corporate payment cards and providing enhanced data specified by the card associations when capturing purchase and procurement card data.
  • Recurring payments processing - Process recurring payments; for example, a web hosting or fitness company accepting monthly subscription payments from its customers, according to prearranged schedules.
  • System processing - Integrate payment processing with your internal order entry, inventory, CRM, and accounting systems for maximum benefit or run in a stand-alone processing mode.
  • Management reporting - Manage your payment processing activities with simplified reporting and transaction update capabilities.
    • Search capabilities - Select reports based on a variety of standard categories and user-defined fields, providing the flexibility to control your specific payments environment.
    • Transaction processing - E-mail or print receipts, void unsettled transactions, and authorize new charges.

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